Lots of Choices

When you get a Member’s Area for your club and take advantage of the offer of a public area as well, there are plenty of choices on how the front end can look. There are a number of themes suitable for clubs already installed (just waiting to be turned on for your site) but if none of them are what you want then we can install a theme of your choice for you.

The first club using the Member’s Area is the Australian Model Railway Association Incorporated. The corresponding public site uses the semicolon theme.

Home Country Address Validation

Select your home country and new and existing members in that country can enter their address themselves and have it validated. Members from other countries must have their address entered by the membership officer as fewer validations are applied.

  • Australia – right from the start has included cross field validation for Suburb, State, Postcode. Any combination of the three fields that don’t match will be rejected. A select list allows for state selection has also existed from the start.
  • USA – cross field validation of City, State, Zip now implemented. A select list allows for state selection is also now available.
  • Canada – A select list of provinces is now available and postal codes are validated for A1A 1A1 pattern. Unfortunately a list of postal codes is not available to allow for any further validation of Canadian addresses.
  • United Kingdom – As county is no longer required in addresses, no county field is provided. As the postcode is the most important part of the address, a lookup is done to ensure that the code entered actually exists. I was going to provide cross field validation to town as well but have been unable to locate a town/postcode list for Northern Ireland.
  • If the home country for your club is not listed above then let me know the level of address validation you require when you sign up for a Member’s Area for your club and I will endeavour to set it up while you are gathering the rest of the setup information.

    Get This Free

    Small clubs (those with under 200 members) can get a public WordPress based site like this one set up for them and hosted free when they use Club MemSite for their Member’s Area. Configuring is also free if done at the same time as the Member’s Area (otherwise there is a $55 setup charge). Clubs with over 200 members pay just $55 a year plus the cost of their Member’s Area.

    You can choose any WordPress theme as the basis for your public site. A forum and Polls can be easily added on the front end (the Member’s Area has its own forum). If there is an additional feature you want and there is a plugin available for it then just ask.

    Example Public Site

    Club MemSite offers clubs an opportunity to get their own hosted membership area to allow the membership officer to easily maintain the club mebership information and to give the members with internet access the ability to access online copies of member only material.

    To make the membership site more affordable to small clubs those with under 200 members can get a hosted public site just like this one for no additional charge so that they can have their entire web presence hosted by us for what just the hosting would cost elsewhere.

    Note that the public site can be set up using your choice of WordPress theme and a default set of plugins including bbPress forums. Additional plugins may be made available on request.